Our Studio

Miracle Movements Foundation brings you to a healthy and natural lifestyle. Our common belief in breath allows us to give you numerous paths of natural healing. We offer various forms of yoga such as Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Sivanada Hatha Flow, Hip opening Flow, Hatha Chakra Flow and Acro yoga. 
We offer two forms of tai chi and qi gong. These two forms are adaptable for any practionier. While participating in class, you can move with the flow, stand still or even sit. The main focus is breath control so everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits.
Miracle Movements Tai Chi & Qi Gong is a modern system with the breathing fundamentals of the ancient arts. This system is described as tai chi, reiki, qi qong and meditation creatively fused into one dance. These movements synchronize the breath and the body, creating a beautiful insightful dance that not only restores one's health but also relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the spirit giving the practionier the chance to be one within themselves.
Breath combined with therapeutic touches and stretches will increase an overall harmony of health thru the extension of energy. You can then transfer this energy with a special soft touch technique to anyone sick, disabled or totally incapacitated. This harmony of energy along with the love of the practitioner creates a healing environment that evolves to a better quality of life for everyone involved. The patient feels an overall sense of love and comfort in which brings a healing energy both physically and spiritually. 
By bringing this family of health together, every student has multiple choices to enhance their life. Namaste.