The Gurukula System

In ancient Indian times, the tradition was for yoga students to live, work, and study with their teachers. This is the Gurukula system. Guru means teacher and master. Kula means home. Yoga students were treated as a part of a family. In addition to daily lessons in yogic theories they were taught the practical aspects of yoga, asanas, pranayama, kriyas, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, yoga philosophy, and yoga wisdom. Our certifications reflect this wisdom in that we require every teacher to perform volunteer work & provide selfless services to others. We can only make a difference in this world if we all do our part in helping. Every destiny requires this act in order to acieve the highest form of yourself.

We honor the integrity, sincerity, and high standards of teacher preparation programs with the Registered Yoga School and Yoga Alliance. All of our courses and trainings fulfill all of their requirements.

This foundation of curriculm includes;

  • Traditional curriculum requirements by Yoga Alliance & Registered Yoga School
  • Yoga (4 styles of yoga- Ashtanga/ Vinyasa, Hatha/ Sivananda, Hip Opener Flow/ Yin, Chair flow)
  • Tai chi & Qi Gong (2 forms of gentle moving meditations both standing and sitting)
  • Meditation
  • Reiki (Level 1)
  • Nutrition
  • Massage (Soft touch, Thai & Therapeutic)
  • Business Applications of Teaching
  • Self Mastery

Each teacher will be able to teach all walks of life, from the healthiest to the most impaired. You will be able to make huge impacts in the health of others. Learn at your own pace or the pace that life allows you to. Everyone has different schedules and we cater to them all. Below are some examples from our documentaries.



  • One-month intensive Yoga & Tai Chi Teacher Training Course (YTTC: RYT-200))

                                  2 Saturdays 6 hours         


                            Every Monday & Wednesday 3 hours

                                          6pm- 9pm       


  •  Two-month Yoga & Tai Chi Teacher Training Course (YTTC: RYT-200).

                       2 Saturdays 6 hours


                       Every Tuesday

                         3 hours  6-9pm


  • Self-Paced Correspondence YTTC or AYTTC. Aspirants who wish to study on their own pace will spend most of study time on their own. But they must attend yoga classes and/or participate in yoga teacher training workshops and/or yoga retreats offered by Miracle Movements Foundation to gain direct experience. This module is flexible and individualized. Completion of the program is determined by the accumulation of satisfactory hours for YRT 200 level.


Soul of Miracle Movements Foundation™

Miracle Movements Foundation™ is a family where we come together to share the beauty of the ancient traditions of yoga & tai chi while living in THIS present moment. We sincerely value the wisdom that these ancient traditions has to offer us. Our teachers facilitate the integration of this wisdom into their everyday life. The teachings are no longer antique but becomes alive allowing the art of living to extend through our knowledge and genuine love for humanity. Even though the yoga & tai chi traditions derives from the mystical Hindu and Taoist culture, we assimilate the similarity of all the spiritual traditions of the world into our teaching and practice. We see the oneness in all and the unity in diversity. We allow you to explore your own path of faith in whatever light and direction you choose to believe. We do not influence you towards Hindusm, Taoism or any other religion, instead we guide you to your inner self so you can find what suites your soul the best.

We would love to share our love and deep-rooted experience of these healing modalities with those who are inspired to do the same. These systems of breath and movements have touched our hearts and lives and has become who we are and what we want to contribute to the humanity as an integral part of our dharmic responsibilities in life.

We share our understandings of the ancient scriptures such as Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta, Upanishad, Tantric Yoga, and Tao Te Ching as well as modern spiritual teaching of Eckhart Tolle, Dali Lhama, and others. We learn how to integrate these ancient and modern spiritual concepts and wisdom into our daily practice in a form of spiritual health and healing.

Sadhana yoga is our preferred style of concept in teaching. Even though it has the name it is actually nameless and formless. It indicates that yoga & tai chi are total spiritual practices beyond form and name. In that form of energy, we learn to recognize the signs and messages that guide our lives. This makes our destined path in life unfold in front of us. We just have to be open to it.

Our certified teachers are an extended part of family. We come together to learn how to better ourselves and others through many different practices and insights. We are always here to help guide our teachers and our teachers are always there for each other. The brighter your soul in the community, the brighter our smiles become. You are our reflection and we want you to reflect love, knowledge and an eagerness to help those in need.



Here are the requirements in order to be qualified as a teacher of Miracle Movments Foundations.

1) You must believe in a Higher Power. Our foundation is built from the belief of a Higher Power. It does not matter what name you give your Higher Power but as long as you believe there is one there. Our teachings do not represent any religious affiliations but focuses on the same love we are all born with.

2) You must have a good heart. You have to have the internal drive to help others and like to be around people. If you are not in touch with your heart and you do not like to be around others then you will not fit as a francise model of our foundation. Each teacher is required to perfom 4 hours of documented communitty service per month. Whether you teach one free class a week, volunteer at a hospital or help a disabled neighbor, there will always be opportunities to help and your committment is required as a teacher. Your life is the message to this world, make sure it is inspiring and filled with love and kindness.

3) You are willing to teach at least one class a week, yoga or tai chi. This does not include volunteer time.

4) You are a teacher of Miracle Movments Foundation and adhere to all bylaws, rules & regulations pertaining to a teacher. This will be forwarded to you if your application is accepted.

5) You can pass a federal background check. We understand life has different chapters where some of us has made mistakes. We evaluate each person case by case. The most important energy is truth. Let us know everything upfront. Our board of directors vote on each case.

6) Write us an email telling us why you want to learn and what you will do with the knowledge of being a certified yoga and tai chi teacher. Tell us who you are and where you would like to teach. What are your life's goals and what do you think your destiny is. How are you helping your community in this present moment? Email this response to or on our "contact us" page.

7) Watch our documentaries to see what our foundation is all about. If you get a good feeling while watching the videos and want to be able to do the same for others, then you have what it takes and we will be honored to have you with our organization. Being able to help another all starts with a smile.


Tuition Fee - There are two ways to gain admission both including the requirements from above.

1) FREE - Certifications are very expensive and each one can cost more then $2500+. How many good souls out there are able to help but can not afford to pay upfront? Why should someone be denied for wanting to make a difference? This is why we created the free trainings. It gives you the opportunity to make a difference without costing a small fortune. This program has a few requirements for this free exchange.

         a) Every class you teach, a small fee is donated back to Miracle Movements Foundation. These are based on per week. This is how we continue to provide free trainings, workshops and events for our teachers. It gives you the opportunity to help future teachers just like someone is helping you now in this moment.

                          First class-$7

                         Second class- $5

                         Third and more- $3

                         Workshops / Seminars- $5

Classes on average earn $50 an hour depending on location. Business settings earn more. Workshops & Seminars average $150-$250. Private group classes average $100. Private personal classes average $50-$75 per session.

           c) Free classes from any of our teachers.

           d) Contract is for 5 years.


2) Pay tuition in full at $2000. Payment options available.

            a) Fee schedule- $2 flat fee per class.

            b) Free classes from any of our teachers.

            c) No contract.



Teacher Training comes with electronic manual, practice dvds, and the first two years of membership in our teaching association.

Miracle Movements Foundation has always been dedicated to humanity and helping the disabled while bringing awareness to causes. 20% of all funds raised goes toward handicapp scholarships and charities.

Please email  for more information or any questions. Thank you, Blessings & Namaste.