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Approximately 10 years ago, I worked at a bank in Philadelphia. On my first day, I noticed my supervisor had a small picture on her desk. When I saw the picture, I had a warm feeling all over my body like a heat flash. The picture had many dark clouds with the sun shining through. I immediately saw an Angel. The hair, face, wings and gown were clear. I asked to take a copy of the picture and make it bigger.

The picture originated from a bank customer who took a picture of the sky one day. She said that the clouds looked awesome with the suns rays and decided to take a picture from her back door. She didnt see the Angel till she developed the film. She then gave it to my supervisor as a gift. This was truly my new favorite picture ever. I put it in a beautiful frame by my bed and stared at it daily. Every morning and night that I said prayers, it made me more thankful to know this Angel was watching over me.

I moved to Port St Lucie, Florida in 2003. I made sure that I took the picture out of the frame and put it inside a book to protect it for the move. After I moved in, I could not find the picture anywhere. I looked in every book, box and envelope but it was gone. I was very depressed because I felt I didnt do enough to make sure it was safe. Looking back, it should have been on the seat next to me with my prayer books. During these 6 years, I felt like the Angel left me but I was still thankful for the gift.

I moved again to Boca Raton, Florida in April of 2009. In October, the angel picture fell out of a random book. I almost had a heart attack. I felt like crying, laughing, praying and jumping up and down all at the same time. I immediately hugged the picture gently and said a prayer thanking G-D for allowing me to have it again. This time it will not be lost.

It was framed again and put on my prayer alter. With every prayer said, the Angel is by my side. I bought a new computer and thought it would be a good idea to scan it, this way I would never loose the Angel again. My new Mac computer came with a program called IPhoto. Once uploaded, the program automatically appears with the picture.

That day I will never forget. I was working on my documentary while sitting outside looking at the stars. It was a beautiful cool night. The only thing I adjusted on the picture was the color correcting. I did not photo shop nor edit. I only adjusted the tint, exposure, shadow, etc. My eyes began to tear. The new image was truly a miracle. I could see an Angel holding a little girl with long blond hair. I could see both of their arms. The Angel even has a sword. Now I have two favorite pictures.

I believe in miracles, signs and messages because I have seen thousands in my lifetime. This picture is supposed to be shared with everyone. Whether this is an Angel, spirit, ghost, entity or something holy, this is proof that a G-D does exists. An Angel is a universal picture for all religions and faiths. I firmly believe that everyone will get something different from the picture.

Hopefully these pictures can bring comfort to everyone as it has for me. The Angel wasn't lost for 6 years, it just means now was the perfect time for me to see her/his true image and to pass it on to the world. My lifes work is about helping people and improving their health and well-being. This is my sign that I am headed in the right direction. I have had the best of luck since the photo was discovered. When you think you are down to nothing, G-D is up to something.

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The photos that are contained in this website have come to my path of life. The first photo came to me over 10 years ago. The other photos were taken from my phone. After seeing what came from the first photo, I now like to color correct my photos to see what is in the backgrounds. Next time you take a photo and see an orb, a shadow or a light source, investigate further. Your Angels may be trying to say hello or maybe something else is trying to give you a sign or message. Either way, we are surrounded by many things that we can not see and sometimes not understand.
This website and our teachings are not geared towards any religion. A relationship with G-D, Jesus, Buddha, the Divine or any other source is not a religion. Religion only comes from rules of how to follow the source. We only encourage a connection. What you decide to call your connection or how you follow is totally your choice and free will. We love every culture, religion and race. We look forward to the world becoming one with each other and the main belief of love.
Anyone wishing to have a copy of the Angel story, please email us with your address. Namaste.