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Feel your Energy


I guarantee if you do this exercise, YOU WILL FEEL YOUR CHI, regardless if you believe or not. The first thing to do is sit and relax whether at home or work. 
If you are going to practice the video, be aware that the verbiage is opposite. The left hand will be mentioned but the right hand will move in the video. This is so the hands are on the same side to create less confusion. Just listen to the verbal cues.

You can follow the instructions below OR do the video above

Congratulations, you should feel your chi by now. If not, repeat the steps, and slow your breathing.  If your lungs don't allow 4 seconds then just breathe at your normal pace and keep the connection with your hands. 
Your chi comes out thru your hands. Guaranteed you will feel it, just have your hands and wrists relaxed while fingers loose with controlled breathing.
Practice Miracel Movements Tai Chi & Qi Qong and you will feel your chi much more and on a constant basis. Once you feel the chi, there is no turning back. You will always be able to feel it. Happy Breathing and Namaste.