Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Miracle Movements Reiki

Miracle Movements Reiki is a modern system that combines the energenic flow of tai chi & qi gong with the transfer of that energy. Breath combined with therapeutic touches and stretches will increase an overall harmony of health thru the extension of energy. You can then transfer this energy with a special soft touch technique to anyone sick, disabled or totally incapacitated. This harmony of energy along with the love of the practitionier creates a healing environment that evolves to a better quality of life for everyone involved. The patient feels an overall sense of love and comfort in which brings a healing energy.
David Chi, founder of Miracle Movements Foundation™ has devoted his life to karma yoga by helping others have a better quality of life regardless of age, condition or outlook. He has designed online courses, workshops and programs to not only learn the forms of tai chi but also practical exercises and routines for caregivers. 
The most important factor is breath. When you perform the movements, you open your lungs which enables your body to absorb more oxygen in your red blood cells and allows your body to efficiently cleanse the toxins from your body. Every organ depends on oxygen. The system is structured that you learn at your pace. You decide your learning level. Your body is a machine, it wants to heal itself. If you get sick or injured, you eventually get better. Learn to heal yourself and others.