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GrandMaster David Chi (RYT 800) - St Petersburg, Florida
David Chi created Miracle Movements Foundation in 1999. After studying martial arts for many years, he wanted to create a system strictly for health and not self defense. After creating 2 tai chi and qi gong systems and 4 documentaries on health using Miracle Movements, he discovered the ancient practice of yoga. Always evolving his own practice, David created 2 different flows of yoga, Ashtanga/Vinyasa and Sivanada/Hatha. Today he teaches others these healing practices so in return they can help others just as he did.

Being the protégé of many techers, David learned to have the ability to teach all walks of life regardless of their limitation and to do it with a positive aura. All students and teachers under David feel confident and comfortable while learning Miracle Movements.

Always accepting his life lessons and experiences allows him to share the insight of living while helping others. David has taught and volunteered nationally at Action Aids, Philadelphia Fight, Siloam Minisitries, Broward House, St Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Village Prep (Juvenile Detention Center), Daniel Boone High School, H.S. Miller High School, JCC Palm Beach, Jewish Federation, Morse Life, Century Village, and many countries throughout Central America. David is also a retired Florida Police Officer.


“All teachers should have a teacher. No man should sit higher then another. We all have something to teach each other.”- David Chi

                                             A Mission to Heal, the Passion to be the Best!