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Volunteer Work

David Chi started practicing many forms of tai chi & qi qong in 1998. After realizing the positive effects of breath and movement, David volunteered his time, since then teaching at; Action AIDS, Philadelphia Fight, Siloam Ministries, Broward House, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children (Hiv/Aids Centers), Village Prep (a Juvenile Detention Center mandated by the courts), Daniel Boone High School and H.S. Miller High School, N.A. and A.A. meetings.
After seeing the positive changes in people's health, David decided to capture these moments on film. He started his first documentary in 2008. Since then, there are 5 completed documentaries and 3 in production. These documentaries were free of any cost to the participant. They include Parkinson's Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Spinal Stenosis, Severe Edema, Congestive Heart Failure, Paralysis and Brain Damage. Two of the participants hadn't walked in years until this type of therapy was applied. Another case involved a nurse with cancer in which she was scheduled for 8 chemo treatments. After starting the therapy and after 3 chemo treatments, she was cancer free.
David looks to help in anyway he can. Through Miracle Movements Foundation™, David supports many other organizations. Taking part in numerous benefit walks as well as donating time, energy and resources inspires others to do the same. All it takes is a little time and energy to make a positive difference in any life.