Besides our certification trainings in tai chi, qi gong, reiki and yoga, we hold regular workshops on the following;

Stress Management- How to live a stressfree life.

Parkinson's Disease- How to control the shakes and involuntary movements naturally.

Cancer- Insights to repairing and healing the body.

Brain Damage- Ways to repair the nervous system and to increase communication.

Stroke- Ways to repair the nervous system and increase movement & balance.

Addictions- Bad Habits - Weightloss- Conquering the mind through nutrition, exercise and meditation.

Angels - Guides- Spirits- How to connect to your guardian angels and make your prayers stronger.

Caretakers- Physical and motivational tools to help anyone in any condition.

COPD - Asthma- Lung ailments- How to increase the oxygen in your body while expanding lung capacity.

How to think Positive- Physical, motivational and self mastery insights to a happy positive filled life.

Patience- How to be patient in any situation in life.

Balance for Seniors & Handicap- Ways to increase balance with simple techniques and exercises.

How to combine Eastern and Western Medicine- Showing how each can compliment each other. 

Depression & Anxiety- Physical, motivational and self mastery insights to train the mind for a different pattern of thinking.