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Gloria Beltran Brain Damage documentary coming soon


Miracle Movements Foundation™

Miracle Movements Foundation's destiny is to teach teachers of teachers in the healing arts of tai chi, qi gong, yoga, reiki and energetic massage. MMF believes in teaching others so they have the ability to help anyone in this world by sharing the loving energy that we all have in common. From stress to debilitating diseases, MMF teaches anyone how to alleviate their symptoms while making the body stronger so they can conquer the foundation of their health.

Our teaching programs, workshops and classes offer the best curriculum that comes from experience and insight. MMF was established in 1999 and brings a universal spiritual approach to the soul that allows the future teacher to help others through their most difficult times in life while focusing on the gifts and blessings that we all have. Anyone can be a teacher, all you need is your genuine love from your heart and a willingness to learn. Whether you take our courses online or in person, we guarantee the success of our programs to make you the best you can be and will always be here for support and guidance. 

Miracle Movements Foundation™ wishes that you receive all the blessings you desire.